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What causes the lift equipment can not rise?_Common Problem

What causes the lift equipment can not rise?

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    Cause of the cause of the lift equipment can not rise:
     Lift is used to carry the goods transport, usually in the vertical direction, so if the equipment fails to rise, then the production process will have a greater impact. Therefore, we must first find the reasons for the rise of the lift can be targeted to find a solution to the way.
     It is found that the lift is not likely to be due to electrical reasons, such as the power cord phase sequence error, and the device itself is the lack of some protection devices, so that the lift can not perform the correct action. And the damage to the electrical components may also lead to hydraulic failure can not work, the main performance is the different equipment rise.
     There may be damage caused by the emergency stop button, the rising limit or the limit limit, so that the total power contact of the lift or the contactor that controls the operation of the motor can not be sucked. In this state, the equipment rise will become Very difficult.
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