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Company Profile

    Suzhou Newstyle Specialized Hoist Machinery Co. Ltd is a modern integrated enterprise with design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sale service of lifting platforms and dock levelers. The scientific & strict management mode, aggressive design team, and hard-working integrity of corporate culture of this company, are the typical Embodiment of the brand awareness on Newstyle.

    Professional ,sophisticated  Enterprise faith ,systematic, developed management  system  is the solid foundation of building Newstyle brand  project .Excellence in work is possible only with expertise carefully enters heart .only under these preconditions products could be improved in every detail and lead the continuous upgrading of products ,and after-sale service are all under the effective monitoring of a set of management system .In addition ,the company has the earliest batch of specialized technicians who are engaged in designing and producing lifting platforms their experienced ,rich designing and manufacturing experience are the powerful guarantee of product quality .

    The company mainly produces all-round and full multi-series of lifting platform products , such as stationary lifting platforms, movable lifting platforms, dock levelers, special forms of lifting equipments, and so on. These products are widely used in various fields that developing national economic, these fields covering military, aviation, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, finance logistics and other industries. Points of sale are all around the country, some products have been exported to EU, North America, Japan and Southeast Asia, a good reputation and Newstyle brand image had been established among the majority of overseas and domestic customers.

Contact:Jiang Yichun (Sales) TEL:13951100552 E-mail:jyc@chinanewstyle.com sales1@chinanewstyle.com Address:China 's Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Xiangcheng District Wang Ting Xinhua Industrial Park Wan Road
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