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Business Philosophy

Company Culture:

    Enterprises in their own long-term development process accumulated, can be recognized by all employees of the core values ​​of the sum of the enterprise is the survival and growth of corporate culture. It is accompanied by the growth of enterprises continue to enrich and improve the long-term stability of the development of enterprises as the spiritual pillar, guiding the direction of business forward.
    The core content of the Newstyle culture: innovation achievements in the future details of the success or failure.
    Newstyle from scratch, from small to large continue to grow and develop the process is actually the company actively pioneering and innovative process. Innovation can give enterprises a strong vitality, so that enterprises in the tide of globalization to achieve their own constantly beyond, and lead the industry forward direction. Neustel's innovation covers every detail of the product, with customer satisfaction as the standard, with talent innovation as the fundamental, practical action to practice the commitment to society.
    Newstyle attention to detail comes from the relentless pursuit of perfect quality. Only to continue to improve the product of every detail in order to meet the needs of customers in an all-round diversified needs; only continue to improve the management of every detail in order to optimize the way to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources; To perfect every detail of the enterprise in order to increasingly fierce competition in the market to maximize the enterprise's own value and social value.
    The formation and development of the Newstyle culture:
    1. Honest and honest, hardworking corporate style
    2. Scientific rigorous, systematic management system
    3. Pioneering and innovative, forge ahead of the talent team
    4. Professional fine, nuanced business philosophy
    5. Customer first, wholehearted service attitude
    The Newstyle culture is a true portrayal of all the work of Newstyle, it is the crystallization of collective wisdom. Under its guidance, every employee will be in the realization of the Newstyle brand project in the overall goal, the full realization of the individual's value and pursuit, and continue to give the new meaning of Newstyle culture!

Enterprise core values:

    ☛ honest and honest, hard-working business style
    ☛ scientific rigorous, well-established management system
    ☛ pioneering and innovative, forge ahead of the talent team
    ☛ professional fine, nuanced business philosophy
    ☛ customer first, wholehearted service attitude

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