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Lifting machinery industry in the future direction of development_Industry News

Lifting machinery industry in the future direction of development

Author:程野 ComeFrom:前瞻产业研究院  Date:2017-1-10 10:08:42 Hits:1181
    The development of the Internet has also led to the development of traditional industries, and now the lift industry has also brought no small impact. Driven by the way of sales of the lift, but also today to see the future direction of the future development of the lift machinery industry.
    Now all the industries have moved to the Internet to buy, small clothes to the machines have been sold online. The machinery industry is no exception. As the traditional marketing system is the sale of people, due to the need for a large number of sales staff, its high cost of sales. So now there are a lot of such as the lift business website such a sales channel such a website. You can greatly reduce the cost of sales. On the Internet you can show the characteristics of their products, features, shape and size, as well as the required civil construction size. If you fill in the data on your project, it will automatically calculate the lift flow and provide N lift configuration options for the user to choose from the results. If the user needs can also immediately get the various program quotes, you can also sign a purchase and sale contracts online, through online banking to pay the purchase price, thus completing the purchase and sale contracts. Of course, you can also download any information that you think is useful for future use. This is the future of sales changes.
    The second is the transformation of security precautions with the network to monitor all the lifts to ensure the safe operation of the lift to ensure that passengers safety of the safety of the customer is threatened, and in the first time rushed to the scene of the accident to repair, and through the network on the lift Within the passenger comfort, the failure of the lift to minimize the negative impact. This is also the development of the Internet brought us. The use of fast and accurate network characteristics, reduce production costs.
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